Alternative Small Business Funding Ideas

Are you looking for extra cash for your small business? Tired of the hassles of borrowing from banks or credit unions? Running out of business funding ideas? As small business owners, we sometimes find ourselves in a situation where needed cash is unavailable and bank requirements and processes are just too much for our situation. Fortunately, there are other sources of funds that small businesses can tap into.

Let’s take a look at two alternative funding ideas and see which one works best for your business.

One of the most widely used small business funding ideas is accounts receivable factoring. This is where a third party (factoring company) buys and pays for a specific number of your invoices for a stated sum of money (usually a percentage of the invoice amounts). The factoring company then collects the full invoice amounts from the corresponding customers on the invoice due date. It then pays you the remaining balance minus discount charges. In other words, you’re selling your invoices for quicker cash inflow.

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Business Funding Options

Are you after funding for you new business venture? Maybe you even went on the television program Dragons Den but left without funding? If you have been on Dragons Den and were turned down funding you need to ask yourself why. What did the dragons tell you? You shouldn’t ignore their advice, if they said your business was a stupid idea and it would never make money, believe them and move on. So many people leave the den thinking they know better and carry on their dream but spend years wasting time on a business that will never succeed. However if the dragons liked the idea but just didn’t think it was investable because of the return on their investment wouldn’t be worth their while, you should still keep looking for the funding and keep your business dream alive.

Funding a business is a very important part of a new business startup up. There are plenty of options open to you; you just need to know what to look for. Most people turn to their bank first and try to get a bank loan. Bank loans can appear attractive as you don’t have to sacrifice any ownership of the business however their interest rates can be high and you might spend a long time paying the debt off. Plus with a bank loan you will have to pay it back even if the business fails.

Another option available to you is equity finance which is where you sell partial ownership in exchange for cash. This can be in the form of a business angel or a venture capitalist. With business angels you get the added advantage of advice and support from your investor. Angel investors tend to be very successful in their own right and have similar businesses to you. They often save struggling businesses from ruin and set them back on the right track.

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